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Welcome to the world of judging women’s gymnastics!

The Mission of the Arizona National Association of Women Gymnastic Judges (AZ NAWGJ) is to provide professional development for its members and to support and promote women's gymnastics in the United States. AZ NAWGJ accomplishes this through membership education, 

communication & representation.


  • Teach and train its members to improve judging excellence.
  • Function as a service organization to the entire gymnastics community.
  • Distribute judging information.
  • Assign officials to competitions.

  1. Promote interest in the sport of gymnastics


Board Members

  •  Jennifer Ditmer, SJD
  • Lindsay Abney, Treasure
  • Pam Evans, Judges Cup Coordinator
  • Caren Mansholt, Secretary 
  • Kim Neal - Educator 
  • Andi Snyder-Pedersen - CPEs
  • Karen Udowitch - Webmaster
  • Natalie Koga -Judge Mentor
  • Dianne Grayson - At-Large Member
  • Neela Nelson- At - Large Member


New Judges

Welcome!  Arizona NAWGJ is so excited you're considering becoming a judge. Please do not hesitate to contact our State Judging Director, Jennifer Ditmer;  to answer any questions you may have!  She is more than happy to help new, aspiring judges!

USA Gymnastics has all the information you need as well as a free printout guide on How to become a women's artistic gymnastics judge. Just click the link below to be redirected to the website and download your free guide. 

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AZ NAWGJ Board Members

  • Jennifer Ditmer, SJD
  • Lindsay Abney, Treasure
  • Pam Evans, Judges Cup Coordinator
  • Caren Mansholt, Secretary 
  • Kim Neal - Judge Mentor
  • Andi Snyder-Pedersen - CPEs
  • Karen Udowitch - Webmaster -
  • Dianne Grayson - At-Large Member
  • Natalie Koga - At-Large Member
  • Neela Nelson- At - Large Member

Arizona National Association of Women's Gymnastic

Phoenix, AZ, USA

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Judges Spotlight


Congratulations Lindsay Abney! 2020 Helping Hands NAWGJ Symposium Award

​Pam Evans 2019 Green Award National: Winnie Witten

Region 1

AZ: Pam Evans 

SoCal: Deanna Hanford

*Please continue to pray for Neela Nelson
​and family.




March 27-20  Optional State-CEG-West

April 3-5  Compulsory State-Auburn 

April 17-19 Regionals-Helena, MT

April 25-26 Xcel G/D/P

May 2-3  Xcel B/S

May 8-10  Western's

May 16-17  National's

      NCAA - 2020

April  2-4  Regionals



  Penn State


April 17-18 Nationals- Fort Worth

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Compulsory State Championships Informational Flyer


Birthday, by Paul MaCartney

You say it's your birthday
It's my birthday too, yeah
They say it's your birthday
We're gonna have a good time
I'm glad it's your birthday
Happy birthday to you!!!

Happy Fall/Winter Birthdays



  • Jen Drews 20th


  • Debbie Harned 1st
  • Lonnie Rule 6th
  • Jeni Jankowski 18th
  • Fran Earles 22nd
  • Heather Patrick 27th


  • Kim Neal 1st
  • Caren Mansholt 7th
  • Lindsay Abney 9th
  • Pam Evans 15th
  • Pat Miller 15th
  • Diane Assimacoponios 21st
  • Cathie White 23rd